At Wirtz Legal Solutions, LLC, we believe the best resolution to a problem is having everyone involved walk away feeling good about the process they have been through as well as the outcome. Divorce is emotional and traumatic, but it does not have to be destructive. Before you can determine whether to go through the expense, time, and difficulties of litigating a divorce, you should know your options.

Like families, every divorce has unique issues. You or your spouse may have a business, you may have a child with special needs, or one spouse may have had significant assets when you were married. Regardless of what issues you have, Wirtz Legal Solutions, LLC will take the time to understand the challenges you are facing, define what choices you have, and help you determine which method of divorce is best suited to your needs. Our focus is on keeping the lines of communication between you and your spouse open, understanding your goals, and gaining an understanding of the dynamics that make your divorce unique.

The overall purpose of a divorce is to resolve disputes between the spouses, make sure the children of the marriage are getting the financial and emotional support they deserve, and ensure everyone is prepared for the future. At Wirtz Legal Solutions, we take pride in working hard for our clients and helping find a resolution for the challenges you are facing. Contact our offices today and let us assist you to identify the solution that works best for your specific needs.

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