Family Advocacy

Family Advocacy

At Wirtz Legal Solutions, LLC, we take our role as your family attorney seriously. Our commitment is to work as hard as possible for our clients and above all cause no additional harm. We understand divorce is a traumatic experience for every member of your family. We can assist you with resolving some of the most contentious issues including:

  • Retaining assets
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Minimizing the emotional damage caused by divorce

Since every family dynamic is different, our goal is to educate and empower our clients. We do this by ensuring you are aware of the various options available to end a marriage. We then work with you to find the dispute resolution manner that works best for you and your family.

Understanding Divorce Options

One of the least complicated options available to couples who are considering divorce is the collaborative divorce method. This method allows couples to work with a team of people including attorneys, financial specialists and other experts as needed to help you through the various issues you are going to be dealing with during the divorce process. You can learn more about collaborative divorce by visiting The Center for Principled Family Advocacy. Amy Wirtz is a member and past leader of this group.

The Center for Principled Family Advocacy promotes taking an alternative approach to divorce in Ohio. Instead of dealing with the adversarial process of litigation, divorce and parenting issues are resolved through arbitration, collaboration, mediation, and other less contentious approaches. You can learn more about the processes on their website, and you can also learn more about what options are available for divorce in Ohio.

Collaborative Processes Versus Litigation

In many cases, a family will not have to face litigation to complete their divorce. The collaborative process will work well when the spouses wish to maintain as open a line of communication through the process as possible. Collaborative Divorce is particularly important for families who have children, and those who have large extended families.

Collaboration is an ideal process for parents who place the interest of their children above their interests. Collaboration means both parties agree the goal is to dissolve their marriage, not destroy each other. Unfortunately, litigation tends to cause more harm than good because of its continual confrontational nature.

Amy Wirtz is involved with the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). Those who are considering filing for divorce are encouraged to explore the resources available on their website to gain a better understanding of the collaborative process and learn more about their options when it comes to dissolving their marriage.

Our primary goal at Wirtz Legal Solutions, LLC, is to ensure our clients understand they have options available to them, particularly when it comes to family law matters. While families may no longer live under the same roof, working with a strong family advocate can help you look towards the future and build a new foundation for moving forward.

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